Career Profile

I am a Database Engineer and working on Greenplum Database and MarkLogic Database Server at Broadridge Financial Solutions. Currently living in Hyderabad, India. Previously I have worked as Greenplum Database Support Engineer in Wipro Technologies for Pivotal Inc. My interests range from technology to travel. I am also interested in reading,blogging and listening to music. And I always try to be better version of myself.


Greenplum and MarkLogic Database Server Administrator

2016-11 ~ Present
Broadridge Finanacial Solutions, Hyderabad

Broadridge is financial solution provider company, based in US. Here I'm performing all the administrative tasks for Greenplum Database Server such as:

  • Maintaining database to perform well.
  • Taking backup(pg_dump,parallel,ddboost) and restoring the same.
  • Working with developers for tuning the queries and advising session level parameter by understanding query resource requirements.
  • Working with work load manager.
  • Loading and unloading data using gpfdist.
  • Managing Security of database.
  • Creating python,shell scripts to automate administrative tasks.
  • Troubleshooting on various issues in case of failure and performance issues.

I'm also working as MarkLogic Database Server Administrator and perfmorming most of administrative tasks.

Pivotal Greenplum Support Engineer

2015-4 ~ 2016-11
Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

During 1.7+ years of experience as greenplum database support engineer, I have supported multiple greenplum database environment of Pivotal's customers.

While working here, I have supported all kind of issues like:

  • Installing/upgrading/configuring Greenplum Database environment.
  • Troubleshooting and recovering failed segment instances.
  • Managing master failover issues.
  • Confuguring Greenplum Command Center.
  • Working on greenplum expansion.
  • upgrading customer database both out of family databases as well minor upgrades.
  • Fixed catalogs for customer with inconsistencies in pg_class , pg_attribute,pg_type or persistent rebuilding regularly on customer system.
  • Recommending Database Configuration as per customer's use case.
  • Providing root cause analysis on issues to the customer and much more.

EMC DCA Support Engineer

2014-10 ~ 2015-4
Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

Here I worked as EMC DCA Support Engineer for EMC(Our Client). While working here, I supported global customers of EMC Data Computing Appliances with all types of hardware issues and failures.


Fundamentals of Marklogic Server

Marklogic University

Fundamentals of MarkLogic like database, forest and application services

Administrating Marklogic Server

MarkLogic University

Three days training of Advanced administrative tasks of MarkLogic Database Server


Fundamentals of Marklogic Server

by MarkLogic University

Administrating Marklogic Server

by MarkLogic University


Whenever I get time, I like to write codes. All my projects are available at my github site.

Greenplum - Greenplum Repository is collection of Python, Shell and SQL scripts for Greenplum Database Administrator.
  • Parallel restore : This is python utility to restore the greenplum backup in parallel even if we have different number of greenplum instances in environment.

  • Data Refresh : This is python utility to automate refresh the data between the environment like PROD to UAT. This utility takes care of moving data and changing the privileges according to environment
MarkLogic - MarkLogic Repository is collection scripts, notes for MarkLogic Database Administrator.

Skills & Proficiency

Greenplum Administration

PostgreSQL Administration

Python Programming

MarkLogic Administration

Shell Scripting


Linux Administration